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Press releases & news
Summer flight plan 2010: new airlines and additional connections
Vienna International Airport has the most destinations in Eastern Europe
The summer flight plan takes effect at Vienna International Airport on 28 March 2010. It includes expanded connections by numerous airlines, one entirely new destination and ? with British Midland International and Alitalia ? two new airlines that have launched flights to and from Vienna. With 45 destinations, Vienna International Airport remains the leading hub to Eastern Europe [1]. A comparison shows Frankfurt with 38 destinations, followed by Munich with 35 destinations, Prague (33 destinations), Zurich (27 destinations), Budapest (24 destinations) and Milan (16 destinations).
Austrian Airlines expands its offering in the 2010 summer flight plan
Austrian Airlines is increasing the number of flights to 36 destinations with the summer flight plan. In Western Europe, travellers will find additional flights to Zurich, Stuttgart, Amsterdam, Paris, Hamburg, Geneva, Munich and Lyon. In Eastern Europe there will be more flights to Sofia, Ljubljana, Bucharest, Belgrade, Warsaw, Budapest, Krakow, Minsk, Prague and Zagreb. On the intercontinental routes, Austrian Airlines will fly more often to Tokyo, Delhi, Astana, Amman and Damascus during the summer period.
In cooperation with the other carriers in the Lufthansa Group, Austrian Airlines will increase the number of flights to London Heathrow and Brussels together with its partners British Midland International (bmi) and SN Brussels: Austrian Airlines and bmi will now offer five daily connections from Vienna to London Heathrow. Seven daily connections on the Vienna ? Brussels route will also be offered together with SN Brussels.
New connections with Fly Niki and other airlines
Fly Niki is launching new connections to Barcelona, Nice and Copenhagen with the summer flight plan. Daily flights to Barcelona and Nice will begin on 26 March 2010 as will daily flights, except on Saturdays, to Copenhagen. Starting on 29 April 2010 Germanwings will fly twice daily from Hannover-Langenhagen on weekdays and once each day to Vienna on the weekends. From 12 May to 23 September 2010 Intersky will offer one weekly connection from Vienna to Elba with a brief stopover in Friedrichshafen. On 28 March 2010 Blue Air will introduce three flights per week from Vienna to Larnaca.
SunExpress is increasing the number of flights to Antalya to include daily connections beginning with the summer flight plan. This carrier will also expand its flight schedule from Vienna to include Izmir and Istanbul. There will be three flights per week from Vienna International Airport to Izmir as of 1 May 2010 (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) and two flights per week to Istanbul (Sabiha G÷kcen) as of 21 June 2010 (Monday and Friday). Alitalia will relaunch flights on the Vienna ? Rome route beginning with the summer flight plan. Two flights per day will be offered on working days, and one flight each on Saturday and Sunday. An increase of two additional flights is planned beginning on 30 May 2010.
Key information on Vienna International Airport
The pocket flight plan covers the period from 28 March 2010 to 30 October 2010 and provides an exact overview of direct flights and selected connections as well as useful information on Vienna International Airport. A total of 15,000 will be available shortly, and a pdf-version is available for download under The pocket flight plan can also be ordered by calling 0800 20 10 60. This bilingual brochure (German and English) is a practical guide for travellers with a wide range of useful information such as telephone numbers at Vienna International Airport, location plans for the CAT (City Airport Train), rapid transit railway and bus, information on the shuttle bus, rental cars and taxis as well as parking, gastronomy and shopping facilities as well as the security regulations for hand luggage. The information provided in the flight plan can be updated by facts and figures from the Interne.
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[1] Source: OAG, evaluation of sample week, week 25 2010, status as of 23.03.2010, incl. Ekaterinburg