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Press releases & news
Flughafen Wien: completion of Skylink on schedule and within budget
New on-site construction management started in May - new managing director as of mid-June
Flughafen Wien AG would like to respond to recent statements and reports by noting that ? based on information available at the present time ? operations in the terminal extension VIE-Skylink will start as planned during the first half of 2012 and costs will remain within the announced budget of € 830 million.
VIE-ÖBA-GmbH took over the on-site management of construction during May 2010. This subsidiary of Flughafen Wien AG consists primarily of qualified experts and engineers who worked on the VIE-Skylink during the past year and are familiar with the project as well as its complexity and problems, and therefore able to ensure a smooth transition without delays. In addition, external specialists were and will be hired to manage ÖBA and to complement the existing staff. This team has been enlarged to include competent experts who have experience with large and complex construction projects. The overriding goal was and is to proceed with construction as quickly as possible.
New managing director for ÖBA: Richard Lercher
Richard Lercher was appointed managing director of VIE-ÖBA GmbH and will start work on 15 June 2010. This specialist was last active in the construction industry and has extensive experience as a managing director and project manager for numerous major construction assignments such as hospitals and the Salzburg stadium. The experienced team will enable the new on-site construction management to immediately play an important role in ensuring the completion of construction on the VIE-Skylink as planned and as quickly as possible.
The schedule for the realisation of construction on the VIE-Skylink has been prepared and will guarantee the completion of this project within the intended time. Numerous defects identified during the court-ordered preservation of evidence requested by Flughafen Wien AG have already been remedied. Work is currently in progress on the engineering services (heating, cooling, ventilation, sanitary and electrical equipment). The scope of construction will be gradually expanded during the coming months to reach the full volume during autumn 2010. The tender to select a general contractor for the interior construction is in the final stage and, even if the tender award is contested, would not have any negative effect on the schedule for completion of the VIE-Skylink. The tender to select a general contractor for the entire project has reached the second stage, is being actively pursued and should be completed by autumn 2010. The decision to award this contract will be based on the economic benefits for Flughafen Wien AG.
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