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Press releases & news
Traffic results April 2013: Minus 4.9% in passengers
The number of passengers handled by Vienna Airport declined 4.9% year-on-year to 1,796,645 in April 2013. This development resulted, above all, from a general reduction in capacity by the airlines, for example through the installation of new seats in the long-haul aircraft by the Austrian Airlines Group, which was also reflected in a lower number of flight movements and maximum take-off weight, as well as the fact that Easter fell in the month of March this year. The traffic results for April 2013 are already included in the new traffic forecast of Flughafen Wien AG.
Declines were recorded in the number of flight movements with minus 6.3%, maximum take-off weight with minus 6.0% and cargo with minus 5.9%.
The number of transfer passengers using Vienna Airport in April 2013 was 10.5% lower than in April 2012. The number of local passengers declined by 2.3% during this same period.
Passenger traffic to Eastern Europe was 6.4% lower than April of the previous year. The number of passengers travelling to Western Europe fell by 2.4% lower, while the Middle East recorded a decline of 15.3% in April 2013.
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